We have a vast range of expertise in a variety of rail engineering, assurance and management. Our expertise extends to:

Rolling Stock

Encompass Engineering can provide design, assurance, management and quality expertise for new and refurbished stocks. Our detail knowledge of train systems, their interactions and function is unparalleled. We can provide all aspects of managing, engineering, assuring and progressing train build quality from start to finish for such large projects.


Our undertsanding of the overground and underground rail networks is extensive. We have experience in working in various functions and projects and understand the Network Rail 'Guide to Railway Investment Projects' or GRIP. We have detailed knowledge of how the various organisations work and interact and with our methods, we have been able to bring projects in to time and budget.


As with other industries, the railway is very innovative and research is key to improving and developing the rail network. Encompass Engineering can provide engineering, system integration and introduction support to organisations wanting to bring in our expertise at the beginning, middle or towards the product introduction phases at the end of the products lifcycle. Our technical understanding and experience in this area will further enhance the products marketing ability.

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about us

Electrical Engineering

One of Encompass Engineering's core activites that the company was based around was it's ability to provide electrical engineering services to industry. We have a solid grounding in electrical principles, design and where required installation.

We are able to work through the documentation associated with electrical work and provide informed consultation on process and build monitoring. Our key areas are in:

  • Cable and connector review and advice
  • Electrical installation review
  • Electrical standards and compliance
  • Drawing up codes of practice and standards

Our main areas of work has been in the rail industry, and our understanding of railway standards in relation to electrical installations can be applied to other industries.

Mechanical Engineering

Encompass Engineering offers a niche set of services which cross over into other discplines. Our mechanical engineering experience is wide ranging and through our associates can relate to a variety of indutry applications, such as:

  • Rail
  • Steel
  • Construction

With our broad range of additional expertise, Encompass Engineering can bring projects and engineering activites together for a customer to provide bespoke activities and work packages including the subsequent delivery.

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about us

Assurance services

Every company is different, different ideals, different people, different requirements, standard and expectations. The assurance service that Encompass Engineering provides is tailored to a companies specific set-up and project.

We will meet with u to assess how we can best assure the project you require. We ensure we have an informed base knowledge, this means absorbing the requirements, applicable industry, british and european standards that apply to the system/s being procured or built in house.

We then provide the engineering expertise to allow the project management team and or management hierarchy to make informed decisions when required. In most circumstances, the experience and capabilities that we have will allow correct engineering decisions to be made. Where there are more than one or they impact commercially, these options would be collated and presented accordingly to the management team and discussed to ensure the best way forward is decided upon for the company.

These are our basic principles, however your companies needs and the service you require from ourselves will be specifically tailored to your company.

Quality Services

Encompass Engineering have provided quality services to projects based on their individual requirements. This was establised following discussions on the aims and aspirations of the customer and the complexities of the project.

We develop processes and standards to allow the customer o their appointed representatives to work against. We also provide a continuous monitoring and quality assessment service, including First Article Inspections 'FAI's' on the supply chain.

We are also able, where necessary to adopt ISO 9001 procedures. Again dependant on the customer's requirements.

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about us

Project Management

Encompass Engineering undertake project management activities on a daily basis. Working with other project management organisations, individual project managers, engineers and other disciplines. Project management is an area Encompass Engineering also works in separately to the work we do in the engineering and quality areas. We can provide project management services as part of a work package incorporating the engineering activities or as a stand alone service to companies and organisations. Our project management abilities are wide ranging contact us for more information.


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